Event Lead Guest List Services

Can you place a value on one person's attendance?

Yes... And, you should.

Responsibily targeting your guests is an essential components of ANY event, be it corporate, social, or otherwise.

Targeting your approach to definable groups makes sense, and saves both cost and effort to maximize ROI.

Collect Valuable Information

With Event Lead, you are able to define custom informtion types; either to be collected on registraiton, or to be added to by event staff. Having such specific guest-focused information makes all efforts easier. Something as simple as defining a highly valued guest as a 'VIP' defines the activities and roles of all staff concerning that guest.

Legal Waiver Report

In most areas, an opt-in check box and a browser submit action is equivilant to a signiture. This is what makes online transactions possible. If your registrants need to transact funds or sign off on any sort of waiver, this can be done through Event Lead. Further, the legal waiver report includes Who, whare, when, and from what I.P. address they were coming from.

Outbound Communication

Registration #

Optional: Approval Workflow