Online Registration & Ticket Sales

Your guests will be be guided through the registration quickly and easily.


We target a minimal initial registration work, usually just name and email so that guests are not detered by a lengthy registration processes. But, we also offer the option to collect more information in a subsequent registration pages.

You're event can begin taking registrations, or selling tickets immediately.

Either with a customized pre-formatted Event Lead registration page, or for more advanced users, a dialogue framed into your existing web site or event landing page.

At the door

The pre-formatted, indexed, searchable, and dynamic guest list is optimized for use on a tablet, or laptop computer. However, it can also be managed easily on any typical smart phone as a backup. As our guests lists can include dynamic information, this interface can be made available to ANY event official. Since, aside from at-the-door, guest information may be useful to Sales staff, security staff, etc.

For the hosted version of Event Lead, we also reccomend that you print our pre-formatted backup guest list in the case of loss of power, or internet drops.