Office Culture @ Event Lead

What we BELIEVE.

We exist to inspire, and to be inspired.

About Us

We break for space launches.

Yup, our office has a big projector where we stream every rocket launch we can find. Space, and the human exploration of it has been a source of inspiration; not only in the generic sense of "Yay humans!", or even for the rudimentary visceral joy of "big engine, big noise!" but also in the admiration of such an executed accomplishment. There are few stronger examples of what a great team can accomplish, together.


There are goals one sets for work. There are goals one sets for themselves. There are goals one set for their society. Let each level support the next, and reinforce the previous.

We are each individually essential for the team, the life, and the society.


Event Lead offices are a safe place for all beliefs, cultures, and lifestyles. Sure, but what do we mean by that, truly? It means, if you're a cat, be a cat: just be a cat that communicates effectively, executes on goals, and professionally works towards our shared vision of success. Meow.

From a purely business viewpoint, perspective is everything. And incorporating people who have fundamentally different paradigms only grows that resource.

Event Lead aspires to individual Work-Life-Culture Integration.