I did not receive my confirmation email

Often is the case that email lands in a ‘bulk’, ‘clutter’, or ‘spam’ mailbox. If you have any sort of email screening, please check there first.

On some occasions, a typo in your email address as entered had it sent somewhere else, or into oblivion. These are a little more difficult to track down because we have to gather more information in order to securely identify the transaction.

If you have a confirmation code, we can track that down and re-send you the email, or point you to a page that you can print directly.

If still missing, please contact us with any information you have. We log all interactions with the web site, and can track each call to our servers in sequential fashion. Our tracking governance is very strong, and doubly so whenever a financial transaction is involved.


Version 2.0 / published 2016-09-13 / last modified 2021-01-26