Why is Event Lead FREE? Where does the profit come from?

Event Lead is offered as a hands-off online service that we truly hope will be, or become, an invaluable tool for your organization.

The free services extend to our planning tools, our pre-templated online registration tools, analytics, etc., but do not include customization services, or financial transaction services.

On the registration side, there is a limit to 500 registered guests - This count limitation is fairly arbitrary, but set at a point where you, as a professional event manager, should really have EventLEAD more directly, professionally, in the success of your enterprise.

Customization services are charged on a project by project basis, and financial transaction services have a surcharge just like any other ticket sales agents. (though, we do try to be a little more cost-effective!)

At the time of writing this article, we’re negotiating with multiple payment processors to secure the best rates so that we can press that down the line to be competitive in the online ticket agent business. However, in the meantime, all other services are available.

Just to be clear: We do not, and will NEVER sell contact information. If interested, please see our privacy policy for more information.


Version 2.0 / published 2017-02-24 / last modified 2017-03-10