Why does the total of my 'Door Actions' not equal my GROSS DOOR statistic?

My Event’s ‘Door Actions’ buttons indicate a different number from the GROSS DOOR statistic. What’s up with that?

There are a few known usage situations where this is known to occur. In both cases, the Transaction Log detail should provide an answer if investigated.

  1. Ejected without refund. If a guest is allowed entry, paid, and is removed in the system, the user has the option of whether or not to process a refund on the entry/ticket fee. When a refund is denied, the gross door $ figure remains unchanged, but the count of guests is reduced by one.
  2. Deleted Guests. If a guest is allowed entry, paid, and them deleted from the registration list, they are still counted in both the Gross Door dollar-figure, and the count. Deleting a registration removed a user, and user’s history, notes and reference materials, but is not considered transactional in nature.


Version 2.0 / published 2017-03-10 / last modified 2017-03-11