The Planner


The planner is where you coordinate details of your event with your team. It is also where you control the look-and-feel of your Event Lead customer-facing interface.

Sections are logical, named, groupings of tasks. Sections contain individual notes, as well as a stats/chat dialogue box that can be used by all team members for communicating information relevant to that section and by the Event Lead system (sys) account for documenting setup changes. Sections can be assigned a ‘champion’ which may be an individual, or a group of individuals, who are primarily accountable for that section. Sections can be added from the ‘Add Section’ links at the top and bottom of the planner page.

Notes are specific tasks that need to be accomplished. Core task ‘types’ include:

  • Discussion Items: This is the default type, and allows a note to be added with minimal clutter to the user interface.
  • Specific deadlines: This type is ideal for setting time-bound milestones on your event.
  • Acknowledgements: Often used for external service providers or key on-site staff. It is a time-bound requirement that they must check-in with Event Lead. This serves to ENSURE proper communication of dates/times/details. Advice: Insist upon it. Acknowledgement of their responsibilities makes them accountable for their role.
  • Image Uploads: this is often, but not always, tied to the Event Lead client-facing registration page. These notes will allow for an image to be uploaded based on your specifications.
  • File Uploads: Use this type to house relevant content that may be needed during the event. Often used for soft-copy sales collateral, or training materials.
  • Monitored Activities: Set a reminder for activities that must be performed every few days. Advice: use this sparingly; it can be annoying.

Notes can be assigned a ‘champion’ individual who is primarily accountable for the task.

Notes can be added by selecting ‘add new note’ at the bottom of the notes list.


Version 2.0 / published 2017-04-02 / last modified 2017-04-02